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Feel free to share here any general thoughts or feelings you have.

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  1. Unable to find ACIWL discussion group in Las Vegas, NV on this website. The page keeps coming up blank. To Start a Group is listed but not To Join A Group. So, this comment is a call for love and as a call for help. Does anyone know of ACIWL group that meets in the Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin area? My zip code is 89074. Help. Thanks. Kathy M. ph. 714-309-0531 Email: kathymurray50@hotmail.com

  2. Hello,

    I am in the process of putting together a free weekly online support group for those wanting support while doing the course. If this is something you might be interested in please email me at my address above and tell me your name, where you are located (time zone). Knowing this information will allow me to pick a time that is convenient for everyone to attend. This is a good opportunity for those who cannot find a book group in their area.

    Sherry Emery

  3. Hi everyone, I just wanted to post here and let others know that I started a secret group for weight loss support and we are currently using “A Course In Weight Loss” The group is an online book club/support for those who live all over the world who don’t have a local book group to join. The group is by invitation only and anyone using this book who would like to be invited would need to contact me at my email address above or by sending me a friend request at Facebook. My FB name is Sherry Emery and I’m sure there are many more with the same name so if you try to find me that way here is a brief description of my profile picture. I am in my 50′s have silver hair and even though the picture is a face shot you can still see a little of my shirt and it’s black and white stripped.

    It is my opinion that Marianne’s book ACIWL is one of the best books ever written to help people get to the root of their weight issues. Within the pages of this book you will find the real love and understanding you need. It is not preachy, critical nor judgmental. It is presented by Marianne with love and it is this reason I was drawn to the book. I have used this book since it was released and I myself was helped as a result of applying the information and lessons within it. I lost 45 pounds, reversed my diabetes as was shown in my blood labs and giving the new diagnosis of “no diabetes” by my medical doctor. I use this book to help others and to help me continue to grow to my real self by owning the remaining causes of my weight issues. I still have more excess weight to shed and I am confident that if I continue in this work I will do so.

    • Hahaha, you funny girl. You are doing such an amazing job <3

    • ***Attention to those who can’t find a group near them and would like to join our Facebook group***

      I will be away visiting my daughters and grandsons until November 1st. If there is anyone that want’s to join our Facebook weight loss support group my dear friend Maureen will be handling any requests to join while I am away. Please email her instead of me until November at mlogan@q.com
      ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
      (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Chirp Chirp Cricket Hugsღ

    • UPDATE: If you would like to join an online study group that is doing these lessons please contact

      https://www.facebook.com/nina.krietemeyer (send Nina a request to join her group).

      Best Regards,
      ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
      (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Chirp Chirp Cricket Hugsღ

    • Hello,
      My name is Kathy M and I am interested in your online study group. I live in Las Vegas, NV.

  4. NZCOMA’s book group
    We started chapter 4 yesterday and throughout this week (August 23-29) please post comments and questions in the “Discussions by Lessons” area Lessons 4-6. Anyone is welcome to join in and share comments with our group.
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
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  5. NZCOMA’s Today we begin Lesson 2: Thin You, Meet Not-Thin You. During this week read the chapter and do the lesson and lets talk about it. The discussion will be ongoing so be sure to check in frequently if you can. All posts should be make in the “Discussion by Lessons” area in Chapter 1-3. I will look forward to sharing comments with everyone.
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
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  6. The ongoing discussion of chapter one is located in the “Discussions by Lessons” area. Click on chapters 1-3 in the drop down menu. We will continue to discuss chapter one through the 8th. If you have any thoughts or feelings please share them. Thank you.
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    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Chirp Chirp Cricket Hugsღ

    • I was checking out Super Soul Sunday on the OWN today and they were talking about personal growth is the key to happiness. One of the comments was to let go of the way we see ourselves and allow ourselves to be who we really are. Finding freedom from ourselves, our conflicting thoughts. I’m all in for that..sign me up! By doing the writing lesson in chapter one it makes us become aware of things that we hold on to.. being aware is good because once we acknowledge things then they and we can move on and let life naturally unfold.

      What do you all think about the writing lesson? I’d like to hear from you. Have you been helped by writing out how you really feel about certain emotions? Did you feel better after doing so?

    • oops, I meant to post this over in the chapter section..heading there now. lol

  7. Me again. Jeez, I thought it was Aug 3rd. While I may be behind in writing out the lesson, I’m not as behind as I thought I was. You know what is cool. When I first posted I was really just thinking about the chapter and how all the words relate to me. I wasn’t even thinking about my weight. I love that!! Cat

    • Hi Cattails, take your time as you go through the list of emotions. We have up to the 8th to do chapter one and discuss it. The lessons in this course can help us with everything we are going through. I agree it is wonderful. You will find that as we do the lessons for each chapter and work through some of these emotions that all areas in our lives will improve. I’m so happy that you are doing this. Many blessings ahead. xoxo Chirp chirp :)

    • ps. Cattails…click on discussions by lessons at the top of the page, then click on chapters 1-3. By going there you can read comments by others in the group and also post your comments. We will be discussing the first three chapters there. I will see you over there. :)

  8. Hi Cricket: I’m behind, but I read Chapter 1 tonight and I found it insightful and comforting. I will write out the lesson tomorrow am and probably finish up in the afternoon as I have an appointment mid day. I can see that I do carry things with me that need to be released. Thanks for putting this class on. Hugs, Cat

  9. NZCOMA” Start doing chapter one now if you have your book. If you are still waiting for your book just start as soon as you get it. We will be on Chapter one until everyone has had a chance to do it. So don’t worry about the time. Depending on everyone getting through chapter one we might be discussing it a couple days longer than the first week. Then after that we will be doing one chapter a week.

    For those of you who have your books, go ahead and do chapter one. If you have any questions or have any thoughts or comments to make please do so under “Discussions by Lessons” chapters 1-3. I will be checking this area daily to read your comments, share my own comments and answer questions.
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Chirp Chirp Cricket Hugsღ

  10. We are starting a book group called the NZCOMA’s (no zip code on my ass) in about a week from now once everyone gets their books. This message is for people to confirm they are registered here to use the forum for our discussions. Please post a reply here to let me know you have registered. Also, anyone else who is going through the book is welcome to join us, just post a reply to let me know who you are. We will be doing one chapter a week. Thanks.
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Chirp Chirp Cricket Hugsღ

    • Hi Cricket,
      I am registered and waiting for my book to arrive. I even bought a bathroom scale today. I think it’s broken. It says on the box that the weight which registers is 135.2; the number that shows up when I step on the scale is a lot higher than that.
      Kathy…or footloose

    • Hi Cricket: Thanks for helping me get registered. I’m here now. Hello, Kathy.

    • Heyyyyyy, Cricket!!!

      Thanks for helping me register. I dont’ know what bonehead thing I did, but I’m glad you worked it out for me!

    • Hi Cricket,

      I managed to get registered, logged on and found the group! Yeah!!!! Hi Cat & Judy!


    • Hi Diane and Judy: One bonehead to another Judy, Cricket had to register me too. Just got my book yesterday afternoon. Will give it a look over today. Cat

    • Hi Kathy, Cattails, Judy and Diane, I am estimating that it will be about a week to be sure that everyone will be getting their books and we can start. We have 1 to 4 more people who will need to get their books and register here. I am really looking forward to all of us doing this together and will keep you posted. If you already have your books hang on just a few more days :)


    • To get to the Chapters Section of the forum click on “Discussions by Lessons” then select chapters 1-3 where we will begin.


    • Haven’t got my book yet, but should be arriving soon. Guess I managed to get logged in since it is letting me write this. Shirley (meanwhile)

    • Hi everyone, thank you Cricket for your help in registering. I started reading the book last night and am very excited about it.

  11. Hi, I’ve just bought the book and delved right in! EVERYTHING in it is absolutely true and it resonates with my entire being. I know this is a new way of thinking and letting go and letting God, but I’m still fearful of overeating, all the time.
    I’m from Cape Town, South Africa and am looking for a support group/network/bookclub to join. Anybody on here from Cape Town?

    • Hi Dominique – I have just started the course – also CPT based. Have you found a group yet?

  12. I’m just beginning also, and I love the lessons. Regarding the new place settings that we are to buy, what should someone who eats out almost exclusively do? Any thoughts? Thank you.

  13. This book is so phenomenal!!!! I was divinely led to “A Course in Weight Loss” June of 2011 while in CA. By the time I returned to Phoenix, Arizona I had gotten through the first couple of pages of chapter 15. I then tucked the book on a shelf and literally forgot all about it. When given a vision two weeks ago and shown that my journey with God entails my releasing an excess 200 pounds I remembered the book. It’s amazing how much has shifted during this past year and how much more prepared I am to take in what the book has to offer.

    I started over from page one and am so blessed to take in the lessons on a much deeper level. An intimate and telling moment for me was when I re-wrote my letters of Thin Kara to Not-Thin Kara and vice versa. I did this without reading what I had previously written almost a year ago. I truly did not remember what I’d said at that time and did not want it to influence where I’m at now. I realized however, when I did go back and re-read my journal entry from June 2011, I realized that the anger is gone. I can now see that Thin Kara and Not-Thin Kara no longer have to wage war at each other.

    On June 13, 2011 Thin Kara wrote to Not-Thin Kara; “I’m not sure if I hate you but I surely don’t like you. You disgust me and I can’t seem to get away from you.

    Then on May 3, 2012 Thin Kara wrote to Not-Thin Kara; “Sweetheart forgive me! How could I have been so wrong! I’ve caused you so much pain and all the while blaming you. I didn’t realize until this very moment how much you’ve endured and suffered to keep me safe.

    Needlees to say it has been a fascinating journey thus far and I’m in for the long haul. I thought I had gotten a lot of insight the first time of going thru this book yet there is so much more now. The healing that is occurring is such a blessing.

    Namaste and God Bless Marianne for the work she does.

  14. Hi Everyone,

    I am new and was referred to the book by somone knowing how hard I have tried to drop the weight but have just not been successful, and they thought A Course in Weight Loss might jump start me a bit.

    I am very spiritual, work with my guides and angels on everything, and have huge faith.

    I have to find the time to do the lesson,s but I am reading right now and am totally captivated.

    Any suggestions? I love the Brick wall concept totally awesome.

    • Hi,

      I am two weeks behind you, but I am new too and would love to have some one to talk to about this. Send me a note if you happen to read this anytime soon.

  15. My name is Sonia, I´m from Bogotá, Colombia. (sorry for my english)
    5 months ago I started my Course and I just finished it yesterday and it´s been the miraculous, wonderfull experience o my life so far. I could say this for sure because of this:
    12 years ago I went to my 1st OA (Overeaters Anonymus) meeting in Bogotá, I started with so much energy my 12 steps, but as usual (back then) I did´nt finished. It was a great gift from God, because I start to live my conscious contact with God.
    7 years ago I look for every way to have a bypass surgery, and I finally had it… WITH GREAT RESULTS… I lost 90 pounds.
    3 years ago I had a huge plastic surgery, trying to get rid of the awful flesh I had hanging on me… and it was OMG deeply painfull… and yeap I lost all that flesh but still… The FAT EGO was there.

    I los my job 5 months ago… And asking my angels to tell me what to do…
    Here in Colombia we dont have it but a friend of mine just called me to say HEY! I have it do you want to take a look on it?… WHAT? It just took me 30 minutes to be ready an to get to her door.
    I started October the 5th and I FINISHED IT March the 5th… 5 Months of absolute surrender to god, to the angels, to me… to thet crazy me… I did every little thing is on the book… AND IT WORKS… But the most important thing is that I REALLY REALLY RRREEEEAAAALLLLYYYY WANT THIS NEW EXPERIENCE FOR EVERY ONE WHO STILL SUFFER THIS HELL… THIS blessed HELL… yeap hell, but blessed to rise up and SHINE!.
    Thank You Marianne…
    Thank You God for your words on her mind and hands…


    Love, SONIA.

  16. This is not a very positive post, so if you are not in a strong mood today please don’t read this. I am so lost again. My first time through ACIWL I got rid of 49 pounds in 5 months. I guess I got scared or something and started putting it back on. It has been 8 months and I have put it all back on plus 2 pounds. Now I am totally out of sinc and not hearing. I have tried to pick up my book and start over but keep sabotaging myself. Its like I just can’t relate to what I am reading this time. I so wish there were a group of people working with the book here locally but there isn’t and I honestly don’t know where to turn to. I keep asking God to take it over and walk me through it again, I am sure he is guiding me somewhere but am afraid I won’t live long enough to get there. The walking gets really slow at my weight and I keep falling asleep when I try to read or listen to the cds. Anybody got any inspiration that may help??? Even if you don’t, thanks for listening.

    • Dear Josal,

      It is never too late, believe me
      i did lost about 100 pound and here i am start and with another more pounds. I am still alive.
      I am still at lesson 2 but i feel that i am going to the root cause of many problems i am facing.. believe me or not we are all in the same tunnel, i hope you get what i wanna say.
      Any way stop a while thinking about loosing the weight let us see it otherwise let us clean our inner house our inner thoughts make it a journey to clean your mental patterns and view it and review it.
      I with you can go through the 1st lesson and try to work on each BRICK for at least a day ….. get everything OUT, take your time.
      the result you gain the weight that you ‘ve lost connection with your inner self ….. try to relink it again with you soul
      I hope i did help at list i’ve tried

  17. I’ve just picked up the book for the second time. The first time I started reading it, I had a highlighter and got to the list of words in the first chapter and decided I would put the book down and think about those for awihle. “Awhile” has turned into the better part of a year. I’m starting over and finding that I arrive at a sentence that seems to reach back forty years into my life and what happens is I am catapulted back to a situation, and with eyes closed, I am walking through it all over again. All the stuff I thought I had handled masterfully; the death of my first love, the end of my first marriage, the changing of jobs, an abrupt end to another love affair that I thought was THE ONE and a second marriage within a year of that heartbreaking breakup. Here I’ve been pretending that I’m OK and none of this has had an effect on me. Water off a ducks back. So where did the addition of the 80 pounds come from? Just some road dust along the way? I have been using this weight as ballast- a “counter weight” that has secured my position as wife, mother, community leader and all the other titles that I have acquired to fill in the holes left by words like greiver, divorcee, dumpee, job hopper and college diplomaless middle aged woman. I’ve been creating the body fat to “give weight to my position” in the world. Fascinating and very disturbing. I’m beginning to read this again with a self promise to read slowly and let it sink all the way in before zooming on to another chapter. This is going to be a long, but necessary walk…

    • “Give weight to my position in the world.” I identify with everything you have said and am walking through this fire with you. You are not alone!

  18. Thank you for the idea of facebook. I have had the book for many months but I have picked it up and am starting. I have my journal, a large amount of pain and prayers that I can use the support and move forward. I have many years of trauma and domestic violence that I thought I had worked thru, but I think I have put on over 159 pounds to cover up, protect, and punish myself. I need support so I hope I can find it. I am starting on Lesson 1. Blessings. D

    • Hi Denise,

      I don’t come here very often anymore but please feel free to write to me if you need support. I to experienced much trauma in my life and this course really helped me in so many ways.


  19. I just want to let people here know that there is a facebook page for a course in weight loss as well as Marianne Williams facebook page. If you feel there isn’t enough feedback and support here right now check out those pages.


  20. Hi everyone,

    This is my second attempt at the course. I had great success with it this time last year, becoming happier, losing weight, and stopping binging, but discontinued the course around lesson 8. After I stopped, I started binging again and put all the weight I lost back on.

    One question: How often do you do a lesson? Do you do a lesson per day, a lesson per week, a lesson every few days?


    • Hi Gauri, I was stopping by to see if anyone was posting and here is your unanswered post. What Marianne says in the book is for each person to go through the book at their own pace. For some that could mean once a week and others everyday. What I did was to do a chapter at a time and do the lesson, then give it prayerful consideration and ask for help to see what I needed to move forward. Once I felt like I did the lesson to the best of my ability and digested it then I would go on to the next chapter and lesson. Some lessons I could do in a day and others would take me several days to digest. In the long run it matters most that we are honest with ourselves, do the lessons, and apply the principles in our lives. The amount of time it takes us isn’t what is the most important thing. What’s important is to continue forward and not stop. I hope you do just that and pray for your efforts to be blessed.


  21. Hello Cricket,

    I accidently past by and saw your comment. I am happy for you won the struggle with an old Brick. You had the courage to call your daughter and ask for forgiveness. I think she also is happy with it and it gives you the opportunity to go one step forward. Yes you deserve a new bike. You are someone!!!! I hope this insight gives you the possibility to be gentle for yourself.

    With me everything is alright. I do the exercises from chapter 12 and a lot of my time has taken by searcing recepts of healthy food. A lot of vegetables and beanes. I work hard into the garden. That also is good for my health.

    Cricket it was nice to hear from you. Thank you for your inspiration words an go for it. You are worth of it!!

    Til next time.

  22. Hi Everyone, I once again had to go back to the wall again to see something I wasn’t able to face before.. still working hard and pressing onward…. I will post what my Brick was and my comments in hopes that it might help someone else.

    Love Cricket